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PARKED Season 1

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PARKED is a comedy web series that follows a group of long-time west coast friends in their early 30’s as they wrestle with what it means to be dads, husbands and men when life does not turn out as expected.

Tim (Kirby Morrow), Jesse (David Lewis), and Davinder (Sean Amsing) are fathers who hang out with their still single buddy Josh (Matty Granger) while taking care of their kids and finding ways to amuse themselves (spending countless hours in their local park). The women in their lives – Jenn (S. Siobhan McCarthy), Kim (Julia Benson), and Christine (Sonja Bennett) – are the breadwinners with the men finding themselves in the non-traditional roles of single fathers or stay-at-home dads. Josh often feels left behind as the one non-dad in the group but all four men are each in their own way trying to figure out how to face what their lives have become and how to get it into gear once more. In other words, how to not end up parked here…forever.

 “PARKED delivers a hilarious parody on the role of the modern stay-at-home Dad” – BeatRoute Magazine

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Well, we have done it. We have finished the  scheduled release of PARKED Season 1. And what a crazy journey. Like making a movie,  but every week for two months.** In the end we released 30 individual pieces of content. Not bad. For each episode many hands had to hold on tight and then let go and I would like to thank the hands of  everyone who helped make this thing a reality. When we originally started this, under the name DADS it was one kind of thing, and when we decided to change our name to distance ourselves from that other show DADS (R.I.P), I thought we had hit a wall. But an afternoon at the beach and a smoke out by the car in parking lot later, it flashed for me and I knew PARKED was an even better name. And so it came to be. A big PARKED size thank you to S. Siobhan McCarthy and Tracey Mack for showing more balls than almost anyone I’ve ever met (except literally David Lewis) and believing and committing themselves so completely to this crazy idea. I couldn’t and wouldn’t have done it without you. There are so many people […]