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Happy Father’s Day

14 Jun 2014 by In Blog


So it’s Father’s Day…boy it feels like this happens every year. But if you are a father, here’s to hoping you get a day to do what you want to do, and if you are living with a father, here’s to you helping him have some time on this hallowed day to recharge, renew and release….however it is he likes to do that. We all need at least one day a year to sit back and dream about the lives we might have had, and next to birthdays, for fathers all across North America, this is the best chance for them to shrug off the shackles of parenthood, if only for a few hours.
In honour of this only mildly over-commercialized, fabricated special day, we here at PARKED raise our travel mugs with a tall can hidden inside and salute you. Because if you hadn’t let lust overtake your more rational self, you wouldn’t have earned the honourable title of father, and this day would be not be about you.

Enjoy our PARKED Father’s Day Special.

Love, PARKEDtheshow

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