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The M Word to End it!

14 Jul 2014 by In Blog

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Well, we have done it. We have finished the  scheduled release of PARKED Season 1. And what a crazy journey. Like making a movie,  but every week for two months.** In the end we released 30 individual pieces of content. Not bad. For each episode many hands had to hold on tight and then let go and I would like to thank the hands of  everyone who helped make this thing a reality.

When we originally started this, under the name DADS it was one kind of thing, and when we decided to change our name to distance ourselves from that other show DADS (R.I.P), I thought we had hit a wall. But an afternoon at the beach and a smoke out by the car in parking lot later, it flashed for me and I knew PARKED was an even better name. And so it came to be.

A big PARKED size thank you to S. Siobhan McCarthy and Tracey Mack for showing more balls than almost anyone I’ve ever met (except literally David Lewis) and believing and committing themselves so completely to this crazy idea. I couldn’t and wouldn’t have done it without you.

There are so many people to list, but special thanks to Rob Neilson, our colour timer and post production supervisor for taking it to the edge and beyond. We had so many late nights getting things all lined up for each release, it started to feel kinda naughty…

For me personally as a creator on the show, I had the unique opportunity to really shape this thing. From naming it, twice, to working with editors to working as one, from recording melodies on my phone to hearing them come to life  thanks to composers Jesse Waldman and Marc L’Esperance and sound designer extraordinaire, Amos Hertzman, I really and truly felt immersed in the PARKED world. You could say, I really lived it. But there is someone else not on the credit list who has lived it with me. My wife Sarah. It was her who got us all into this mess by wanting a child, and god bless her. For her patience, support, sense of humour, and most importantly for  her keen eye as to what is and isn’t working…Thank You.

Finally, there is someone else not on the credit list who deserves a thank you. You, the viewer. While it’s true, we made this for ourselves, we did have you in mind and without you, we are, quite honestly, nothing. So thanks for all your support, your emails, your comments, you pledges and most of all, your eyeballs…Keep spreading the good word and we’ll keep making stuff…


Adam O. Thomas

** Sarah, true to her invaluable nature as my editor correctly pointed out that it’s not like making a movie every week, it’s like making a TV show. Touche Sarah, touche.


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