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25 Sep 2014 by In Blog

Why it’s called PARKED – or Why I am disappointed with my life…

Ok, so first of all, I’m not totally disappointed with my life…. so don’t get too depressed right off the bat, but a lot of people have asked me why I decided to join the PARKED team and come on board as a Producer, as it’s VERY different from my usual type of work, producing programming for children and teens. So here’s why:
It’s called PARKED, because overall, it’s a story about people being ‘parked’ in their lives. They had a certain dream or ‘plan’ for their life when they were younger, and now they are hitting their 30s or their 40s, and have found themselves stuck or ‘parked’. It’s the story of what happens when life doesn’t turn out as planned, and how you reconcile yourself to that fact in order to move forward and adapt. I think it’s a universal theme that almost everyone can relate to. Who hasn’t had something not work out as they imagined, whether it’s a relationship or a career or simply some grandiose plan or idea you had for the future? I think most of us, when we look back and compare the image we had of ourselves 10, 20 or 30 years in the future when we were in high school, we probably get a very different picture than the lives we are living now. (And for those of you who have never, ever, had anything go wrong, and your lives have gone exactly as planned…. Well, good on you, I guess. I’ve also got the feeling that you are probably in the minority. Besides, if everything worked out exactly as we thought it would… Where’s the fun in that?)

So I invite you to join us, visit and watch PARKED as our characters tackle these great life issues, with a sense of fun, comedy, even the absurd… because if they don’t find a way to move forward, they might just find themselves PARKED forever.
Enjoy the show and #getparked!

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