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The Story Behind Lying and Dying

lying and dying

In an epic parenting fail, things immediately start to unravel as Jesse (David Lewis) races home after realizing he has forgotten his kids. But the hungover journey is not the worst part. That comes when Jesse ends up face to face, with Peter (Peter Benson) his ex, Kim’s (Julia Benson)new dude. Will he get away with it? Will he be broken? How strong is the “Bro’ Code?” And where do you keep your pizza five? Read more!

Parked Launches with Hard Target

PARKED Episode 1: Hard Target by parkedtheshow

Wow, it seems like only four years ago that I stood outside on my back porch after another insane night of bath time madness and hilarious bedtime buffoonery and took an exhausted breath, cracked open a beer and lit a smoke and wondered how anyone ever thought having a kid was normal, and why there wasn’t a show about all of this crazy shit that happens to you as a parent, as a dad…as a man. So I started writing one with a friend of mine, with no idea what to do with it or even if I would finish it. Read more!