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Why it’s called PARKED – or Why I am disappointed with my life…

Ok, so first of all, I’m not totally disappointed with my life…. so don’t get too depressed right off the bat, but a lot of people have asked me why I decided to join the PARKED team and come on board as a Producer, as it’s VERY different from my usual type of work, producing programming for children and teens. So here’s why:
It’s called PARKED, because overall, it’s a story about people being ‘parked’ in their lives. They had a certain dream or ‘plan’ for their life when they were younger, and now they are hitting their 30s or their 40s, and have found themselves stuck or ‘parked’. It’s the story of what happens when life doesn’t turn out as planned, and how you reconcile yourself to that fact in order to move forward and adapt. I think it’s a universal theme that almost everyone can relate to. Who hasn’t had something not work out as they imagined, whether it’s a relationship or a career or simply some grandiose plan or idea you had for the future? I think most of us, when we look back and compare the image we had of ourselves 10, 20 or 30 years in the future when we were in high school, we probably get a very different picture than the lives we are living now. (And for those of you who have never, ever, had anything go wrong, and your lives have gone exactly as planned…. Well, good on you, I guess. I’ve also got the feeling that you are probably in the minority. Besides, if everything worked out exactly as we thought it would… Where’s the fun in that?)

So I invite you to join us, visit and watch PARKED as our characters tackle these great life issues, with a sense of fun, comedy, even the absurd… because if they don’t find a way to move forward, they might just find themselves PARKED forever.
Enjoy the show and #getparked!

The M Word to End it!

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Well, we have done it. We have finished the  scheduled release of PARKED Season 1. And what a crazy journey. Like making a movie,  but every week for two months.** In the end we released 30 individual pieces of content. Not bad. For each episode many hands had to hold on tight and then let go and I would like to thank the hands of  everyone who helped make this thing a reality.

When we originally started this, under the name DADS it was one kind of thing, and when we decided to change our name to distance ourselves from that other show DADS (R.I.P), I thought we had hit a wall. But an afternoon at the beach and a smoke out by the car in parking lot later, it flashed for me and I knew PARKED was an even better name. And so it came to be.

A big PARKED size thank you to S. Siobhan McCarthy and Tracey Mack for showing more balls than almost anyone I’ve ever met (except literally David Lewis) and believing and committing themselves so completely to this crazy idea. I couldn’t and wouldn’t have done it without you.

There are so many people to list, but special thanks to Rob Neilson, our colour timer and post production supervisor for taking it to the edge and beyond. We had so many late nights getting things all lined up for each release, it started to feel kinda naughty…

For me personally as a creator on the show, I had the unique opportunity to really shape this thing. From naming it, twice, to working with editors to working as one, from recording melodies on my phone to hearing them come to life  thanks to composers Jesse Waldman and Marc L’Esperance and sound designer extraordinaire, Amos Hertzman, I really and truly felt immersed in the PARKED world. You could say, I really lived it. But there is someone else not on the credit list who has lived it with me. My wife Sarah. It was her who got us all into this mess by wanting a child, and god bless her. For her patience, support, sense of humour, and most importantly for  her keen eye as to what is and isn’t working…Thank You.

Finally, there is someone else not on the credit list who deserves a thank you. You, the viewer. While it’s true, we made this for ourselves, we did have you in mind and without you, we are, quite honestly, nothing. So thanks for all your support, your emails, your comments, you pledges and most of all, your eyeballs…Keep spreading the good word and we’ll keep making stuff…


Adam O. Thomas

** Sarah, true to her invaluable nature as my editor correctly pointed out that it’s not like making a movie every week, it’s like making a TV show. Touche Sarah, touche.


Happy Father’s Day

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So it’s Father’s Day…boy it feels like this happens every year. But if you are a father, here’s to hoping you get a day to do what you want to do, and if you are living with a father, here’s to you helping him have some time on this hallowed day to recharge, renew and release….however it is he likes to do that. We all need at least one day a year to sit back and dream about the lives we might have had, and next to birthdays, for fathers all across North America, this is the best chance for them to shrug off the shackles of parenthood, if only for a few hours.
In honour of this only mildly over-commercialized, fabricated special day, we here at PARKED raise our travel mugs with a tall can hidden inside and salute you. Because if you hadn’t let lust overtake your more rational self, you wouldn’t have earned the honourable title of father, and this day would be not be about you.

Enjoy our PARKED Father’s Day Special.

Love, PARKEDtheshow

Master Baker #bts

Blog post by Sean Amsing   masterbaker When I first auditioned for PARKED, they asked me if I had any special skills. Despite being a stand up comedian, I’ve also released three albums as a singer/rapper. So when it came to my episode it was a golden opportunity to showcase my talent. Davinder wants to live in a dream world so Adam (the co- creator), Gorrman (one of the series writers) and myself started a thread to brainstorm beat points. Adam wanted some sort of gangsta rap and Gorrman had written out some actions that we all thought were funny. I had produced a couple of tracks and we picked a beat that we thought would work well… Well the deadline was creeping up and though I had a lot of ideas, it didn’t really come to life on paper. On deadline day I had a stand up show and a little bit of time before I went up. So I snuck in to the office of the club and recorded the rap in to my iPhone. That night I put it together on my computer and sent it to everyone. Then Gorrman put my lyrics to his beat points and we were ready to go. I needed my verse to be vulgar, skilled and catchy. We weren’t just making a rap gimmick in a series. We were making a masterpiece in a masterpiece. I think I surprised a couple of people with how it all came together. I hope you are all surprised too. Listen to my music! Buy it! Allow me to do more!

Homecoming with Kirby Morrow, Siobhan McCarthy & Freddie Wong.

We are very pleased to share with you Episode 3 – “Homecoming” in our PARKED series.

Homecoming: what secrets do you have on your computer? What would you not want the IT guys from your partner’s school to find out about. Tim arrives home and immediately wishes he had actually deleted that home movie.
Starring (Kirby Morrow) as Tim, (S. Siobhan McCarthy) as Jenn and (Freddie Wong) as Freddie the IT guy Read more!