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PARKED Jesse’s Moment of Truth

PARKED Jesse’s Moment of Truth by parkedtheshow

Jesse and Kim have a moment…that serious, life changing moment..

Its the ultimate defining moment in Jesse and Kim’s relationship.

Starring David Lewis and Julia Benson.

How did you react?  How did you feel?

What did you say, when the reality of it all came slamming down?
How does Jesse measure up?

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Josh (Matty Granger) explains green beer to Sylvie
All of us at PARKED hope you and yours have a very happy #stpaddysday

May the #luckoftheirish be upon you so that you don’t get too hung over from #greenbeer and #whiskey

Please enjoy our #stpatricksday #special

#getparked this #stpattysday

Dressed in shades of green St. Patrick’s Day costumes, Tim (Kirby Morrow), Jesse (David Lewis), Davinder (Sean Amsing) and Josh (Matty Granger) share nips of green beer and drams of concealed whiskey at their local Family Drop-in Centre. Here, they share a wee Irish limerick with Sylvie, Tim’s Daughter to explain to her just what exactly St. Patrick’s Day is really all about. Read more!

PARKED Viewing Schedule- Episodes, Specials and Spots

Jesse's Surviving Parenting TipWe launched our first full episode, Hard Target on Dailymotion last Friday with great success.

We truly appreciate Enrique Soissa at Dailymotion for being so forward thinking and supportive of us and our show.

For almost a year he has championed us and we are very pleased to release our series first on Dailymotion.

This Friday, we are releasing  our first  Surviving Parenting Tip 

We have created “Surviving Parenting Tips” for each of the dads in our show.

“Surviving Parenting” spots are “mini-episodes” or “Parking Spots” as we have come to call them.

We have produced Holiday Specials.  We’ve already released Valentine’s Days.  Next up is St. Paddy’s Day! Get yer green beer on!

REMEMBER, there is new content every FRIDAY on Dailymotion with NEW Full Episodes the last Friday of every month!

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PARKED Jesse’s Valentine’s Day

PARKED Jesse’s Valentine’s Day by parkedtheshow

As this is the week of “love” we thought we would show all of our fans some love and give you a week of Valentine’s Day Specials.  We hope you enjoy them and will share them with your friends and loved ones.